About Me

rainer-krienke-524536-unsplashI began my path towards Buddhism several years ago with a realization that I was constantly miserable and had been for a long time. While I had stretches of happiness, it never lasted. The periods of were always brief, always ended abruptly and always left me wanting.

I seemingly had it all: a good education with a good paying job, a loving family and a house in the suburbs. Yet I was never content. I was constantly looking for new jobs with higher pay and more prestige. Always searching online for nicer and bigger homes or secretly being jealous of a neighbors new car or truck.

I couldn’t understand why I was constantly unsatisfied.

The only thing I could tell myself was that I needed to get more of something. My unhappiness continued to grow and soon my misery was rubbing off on those closest to me. With the thought of losing my closest relationships, I set out on a journey of self improvement. I didn’t know how to change or  if I had the resolve, but I committed to at least try.

img_1899After may failed attempts to find peace, I found Buddhism. It has been life changing for me. I’ve made great strides on my path to inner peace through Buddha’s teaching and hope you can too. I decided to create this simplified guide to Buddhism and blog for two reasons. The first is somewhat selfish: to keep myself on the Path by continuously thinking and writing about Buddhism.

The second reason is less selfish. When I began my search for inner peace, I struggled to find an clean, simple website with the basics of Buddhism. All I could find were bullet point blogs filled with advertisements or treaties on Buddhism that were way over the head of a beginner.

I wanted to create a site that could help the serious beginner start and stay interested. Luckily my amazing and supportive wife introduced me to something called WordPress and blogging, both of which I hadn’t know anything about before.

Hence, Buddha Steps was born. This site is geared towards beginners but has enough depth so as not to be overly broad or superficial. I believe that the path to inner peace is meant everyone in the world, including us ordinary men and women living at home with regular jobs and families.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me!