Buddha Didn’t Invent Enlightenment


If you think about it, there really are no inventors, only explorers and discoverers. If a method or idea is possible given the laws of the universe, then it is permanently in existence. Whether something exists isn’t dependent on whether humans have or have not discovered it. Even if we never discovery it, it still exists; we just don’t know of it.

This idea of discovery vs invention can be compared to ground water which permanently exists in the ground. When a person wishes to dig a well, he must dig down deep enough to reach the ground water. The ground water is already there. He does not create the water, he just discovers it.


Similarly, the Buddha did not invent the path to inner peace, nor did he decree it. He merely revealed what was already there. It existed before Buddha’s life, during his life 2,500 years ago, and it exists in this moment and in all future moments. By following the path discovered and set forth by Buddha, you can save time by avoiding mistakes.

The teachings of Buddha provide an invaluable guide and will support as you move from hearing the teachings to learning from your own experience.


If you try practicing alone without any guidance from others, the path you follow to end your suffering will be a slower one with more detours. If you try to discover the correct way to practice all by yourself, it is likely that you will end up wasting time and end up going the long way round. While Buddha didn’t invent the path to enlightenment, he chose to teach the path he discovered.